• For configuring a single machine, you can rely on a local crafted pillar, but to operate on a cluster, it would be a lot more cumbersome and not DRY.
  • Fir this we created mc_pillar, an ext_pillar that describe a whole cluster infrastructure from a single SLS file.
  • This special file, etc/makina-states/database.sls. will describe our infrastructure and specially how to access to the remote systems.
  • At first, you will need to copy etc/makina-states/ which is a sample, and adapt it to your needs:

    cp etc/makina-states/ \
    $EDITOR etc/makina-states/database.sls
    • The contents of the file is mostly self explainatory.
  • This file is then parsed by the mc_pillar module (called via an extpillar hook) to get the appropriate pillar for a specific minion id. This pillar aims to grab a good part of its system configuration from backups to ssl, to cloud configuration and so on.

  • We heavyly rely on memcached to improve the performance, so first please install it this way:

    bin/salt-call -lall state.sls

Verify the pillar for a minion after a database.sls change

  • Use this command:

    service memcached restart
    bin/salt-call mc_pillar.ext_pillar <minion_id>
Last Updated: 2017-03-15