Switch makina-states branch

  • To switch on a makina-states branch, like the v2 branch in production:

    bin/ -b v2

Update makina-states local copy

  • To sync makinastates code

    bin/ -C -S

Running makinastates in highstate mode

  • To install all enabled makina-states services after having configured your pillar up

    bin/ -n laptop|server|lxccontainer|vm -C && \
        bin/salt-call --retcode-passthrough state.sls


  • Upgrade will:

    • Run predefined & scheduled upgrade code
    • Update makina-states repositories in /srv/salt & /srv/makina-states
    • Update core repositories (like salt code source in /srv/makina-states/src/salt)
    • Do the highstates (salt and masterone if any)
    bin/ -C --S  && \
        bin/salt-call --retcode-passthrough state.sls

    use ansible & salt

  • Salt

  • Ansible

Last Updated: 2017-03-15