mc_haproxy / haproxy functions

mc_states.modules.mc_haproxy.make_registrations(data=None, haproxy=None)

The idea is to have somehow haproxies-as-a-service where minions register themselves up to the haproxies.

  • they can then ve evicted from the proxies if they have a grain setted ‘haproxy_disable’
  • We search in the pillar and in the mine for any registered frontend for each frontend, we try to setup the underling frontend and backend objects for the haproxy configuration
mc_states.modules.mc_haproxy.register_servers_to_backends(port, ip, to_port=None, mode='tcp', user=None, password=None, wildcards=None, regexes=None, hosts=None, haproxy=None)

Register a specific minion as a backend server where haproxy will forward requests to


haproxy settings