mc_djutils / django helpers

mc_states.modules.mc_djutils.backup_database(db_host=None, db_name=None, cfg='project')

backup database before some critical operations

mc_states.modules.mc_djutils.restore_from(db_host=None, db_user=None, db_pass=None, db_name=None, media=None, dump=None, orig_db_host=None, orig_db_name=None, orig_media=None, orig_media_host=None, skip_setup=False, skip_db=False, skip_media=False, dev=None, drop=True, post_hook=None, cfg='project')

Restore local django from a distant one Connect to host, get the pg backup connect to another host, load the pg backup sync medias run a post hook if any

name of the makina-states project to get configuration from
mc_states.modules.mc_djutils.setup_database(db_host=None, db_user=None, db_pass=None, db_name=None, drop=False, cfg='project')

Connect to a host with ssh

create a pg user <maybe drop the db> create a db owned by the user