bacula / Management of bacula File Daemon Configuration

Configure Bacula file daemon to allow connections from a particular Bacula director, set password credentials, as well as the file daemon name and port that it runs on. Configure the messages that get returned to the director.

    - fdconfig
    - dirname: bacula-dir
    - dirpasswd: test1234
    - fdname: bacula-fd
    - fdport: 9102
    - messages: bacula-dir = all, !skipped, !restored
mc_states.states.bacula.fdconfig(name, dirname=None, dirpasswd=None, fdname=None, fdport=None, messages=None)

Configure a bacula file daemon

The name of the director that is allowed to connect to the file daemon.
The password that the director must use to successfully connect to the file daemon.
The name of the file daemon
The port that the file daemon should run on
Define how and what messages to send to a director.